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It is undeniable that Bali is a name that is familiar to us because the name Bali has been known for a long time by the international community and has long been a major tourist destination for tourists from various countries in the world who will visit Indonesia. The natural beauty, the warm hospitality of its inhabitants and supported by the culture, arts and traditions of the local community which are based on the Hindu religion which is still preserved, make this island known as 'The Island Of Gods' still favored and in demand by foreign tourists to visit from year to year. However, there are still many people who do not know more about this island, which has a population of nearly 4.5 million. For this reason, here we will introduce more facts about what, where and how about Bali so that we can love Bali more.

Bali is the island of the gods
Map of Bali


Bali Province is a province in Indonesia, where most of the population occupies the island of Bali and a small portion occupies the islands of Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan and the Island of Serangan. The area of Bali Island is 153 km long and 112 km wide with a geographical location at 8 ° 25'23 23 latitude and 115 ° 14'55 ″ longitude. The island of Bali has a tropical climate like other parts of Indonesia. The island of Bali is surrounded by the sea, namely the Bali Strait in the west, the Bali Sea in the north, the Lombok Strait in the east and the Indonesian Ocean in the south. Bali is divided into 8 districts and 1 municipality, namely Buleleng Regency, Karangasem Regency, Gianyar Regency, Bangli Regency, Badung Regency, Tabanan Regency, Jembrana Regency and Denpasar Municipality.


The island of Bali is occupied by 4.32 million people in 2020 with a land area of the Province of Bali of 5,780.06 square kilometers, so the population density of Bali is 747 people per square kilometer. Most of the population is Hindu, so the local culture and arts have Hindu nuances. Although several other religions are also practiced by some of the population, religious harmony and tolerance are very high. Most of the population works as farmers, others are in the tourism industry, traders, teachers, health workers, craftsmen and civil servants. In terms of naming, Balinese generally give the name Putu / Wayan for the first child, Made / Kadek for the second child, Nyoman / Komang for the third child and the fourth child is given the name Ketut.

Balinesse people in offering
Seminyak beach Bali

Tourist Destinations

The natural beauty that is owned such as beautiful beaches, panoramic views of rice fields and the culture of the people make many places in Bali a very popular tourist destination. Some of the famous tourist destinations in Bali are Kuta, Seminyak, Sanur, Nusa Dua, Ubud, Kerobokan, Canggu, Pererenan, Umalas and Tanah Lot. Each of these areas has its own uniqueness, such as white sandy beaches, cultural relics, natural landscapes and rice fields as well as the hospitality of its residents.

Wherever you go to Bali, we are waiting for you.